What is Mosh Ramen?

Well, that’s an easy question to answer. Mosh Ramen is one of six inaugural food stalls in Pueblos first food hall, The Fuel and Iron Food Hall. We specialize in not so traditional Asian street food or as we like to call it, “F**king Killer Noodles.”

“Who is Mosh Ramen?”, on the other hand, is a much harder question to answer.

“Mosh” is a culture. A culture that celebrates the nerds and the weirdos. Mosh wants to take you back to that time you were the cool “alt kid”. Did you dye your hair purple in 1985? Did you wear your girlfriends’ jeans and eyeliner in 2004? God knows some of us did. We want to celebrate you. Old Punks, New Punks, Pop Punks, Emo kids, Hardcore kids, Indie kids, New Wavers, Hip Hoppers, dweebs, and nerds alike…we are here to celebrate you. Some of us still can’t rent cars, some of us are getting married and having kids, some of us are school teachers or CEO’s, and some of us are getting AARP brochures in the mail. We are here to tell you that you are still allowed to wave your freak flag high and proud. We are here to cause a little mayhem and have a devilishly good time doing it. Most importantly, though, we are here to chew bubble gum and kick some ass, and it looks like we’re all out of bubble gum.